Yan Chen Fights for climate justice in Scarborough North

As the Canadian Federal Election draws near, we want to highlight some of the fantastic grassroots-based candidates vying for your vote this October. 

The first candidate is someone we are extremely excited to be supporting: Yan Chen. Yan is the NDP candidate for Scarborough, running on a bold social and environmental justice platform. She brings 10 years of experience as a community worker and legal advocate. 

During her time as a social justice advocate, Yan has fought for working-class and immigrant families, on issues such as mental health, race and gender discrimination, and workers' rights. Yan has called for greater voter education of Chinese communities, and helped draft proposals calling for the promotion of human rights and access to healthcare/legal services for migrant sex workers. She was a part of a group tasked with identifying how to support racialized communities regarding gender-based violence. 

Regarding policy, Yan supports the NDP’s New Deal For People, which includes retrofitting buildings and job creation, greater access to affordable, clean transit, and supporting Indigenous leadership’s focus on climate action. 

The riding of Scarborough North went Liberal in the 2015 general election, but that doesn’t mean the people in this riding aren’t feeling the brunt of broader issues. When canvassing in this neighbourhood or any other, conversations here should focus on people’s personal issues, and their relation to each other’s struggles. You can introduce yourself and Yan, ask if who you’re talking to is planning on voting on October 21st and ask what’s concerning them lately. It can be as simple as asking ‘Do you have anything you’re really concerned about lately?’ We’re as individual as our struggles are, they have commonalities that we can empathize with. So try to find some common ground. 

Readers of our newsletter will also know that we're helping Yan canvass in Scarborough North leading up to the election. You can find more information on events we're holding by signing up to our newsletter here . If you're passionate about seeing bold, progressive, anti-racist candidates win this election, please join us as we directly support Yan Chen in talking to the residents of Scarborough North.

To find out how you can help, email us at surjto.comms@gmail.com