why donate to surj toronto?

For white people, we have a responsibility to ensure that we invest in other white people and communities and shift these communities away from investment and complicity in white supremacist systems and institutions. We encourage direct donation to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)-led grassroots organizing. That is great! But for white people, we encourage reflection on the responsibility that white people have to ensuring that more white people are pulled into anti-racist organizing and action as part of a multi-racial majority. 

For every $1 that we allocate or raise for internal costs, $3 will always be directed to BIPOC-led organizing or communities, with no strings attached. In practice, we move money at a much higher ratio. When we are fundraising for a specific event, initiative, or organization, 100% of those funds will be moved there.

Ways to donate


Send e-transfer to: surjto.fundraising@gmail.com -- Q: What's this for?     A: surjto

If possible, enter in the message field 'website'