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Stop Hate! Fight PEGIDA!

  • University Avenue Toronto, ON Canada (map)

The German-born hate group PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) is back again with an Islamophobic rally in downtown Toronto on July 21st! In defense of our community, we must face PEGIDA and show them that racism is NOT tolerated here!

At their last rally, our comrades were outnumbered. PEGIDA, openly coordinating with the police, were permitted to march down University Avenue, Queen Street West, and up Bay Street to Dundas while holding racist and anti-refugee signs and shouting Islamophobic chants. Their march, thoroughly protected by police, passed by a mosque on Dundas Street that has already repeatedly been targeted by this hateful rhetoric.

We can't allow this to continue - we can't allow this to accelerate. While we're permitting these hate groups to march in our city, while we are silent, we are building their capacity and empowering them. We are allowing innocent members of our community to be exposed to hate. PEGIDA must be shut down!


Please cover your face for safety - there will be far-right media presence! Try to bring an extra mask for someone who needs it.

Event time and coordination info will be updated closer to the date.


PEGIDA founder charged with anti-refugee hate crimes:

Ron Banerjee, who frequently attends PEGIDA events: