Kids & Families

The Kids and Families Team aligns with the shared values of SURJ Toronto, but focuses on organizing and mobilizing families, parents, caregivers, youth, and others who are invested in children- and family-centred organizing and community building. This guides our education efforts, our actions and campaigns, and our partnerships and collaborations. We engage in various kinds of work, such as: building and sharing skills and resources around talking about race and racism with our children; nurturing spaces and opportunities for creative/meaningful participation for kids in SURJ TO events and broader organizing; engaging in and supporting advocacy in the spaces and places where we are and may have sway (to challenge white complicity, for instance, when racism manifests in our school systems, daycares, etc); providing child care and other supports to BIPOC parent organizers; and supporting BIPOC-led family-focused initiatives - through targeted resource redistribution, collaboration, and showing up when/how our participation is called upon.

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Our Seasonal TAKE ACTION info sheets

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January 2019

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September 2018

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June 2018

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January 2018

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September 2017

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