SURJ Toronto Organizational Structure

In the simplest, simplest terms:

Teams <--feedback--> Coordinating Team <---feedback---> Accountability Network <---feedback---> BIPOC communities/organizations/organizers

Simple, right? We are working on a visual that will provide a bit more clarity. Stay tuned!

accountability structure

SURJ Toronto prioritizes accountability to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) organizers working for racial justice in the Greater Toronto Area as a core principle of our work as white people organizing for racial justice. Resourcing organizing led by Black, Indigenous, and POC people, and maintaining strong accountability relationships with organizers and communities of colour are key values.

Accountability means that our we as individuals and as a group are answerable for our decisions and actions. We build accountability through collaborative relationships and working together. We also have a panel of accountability partners that collaborate with us to provide feedback on our direction and work. We work toward accountability through relationships of accountability on the team level with BIPOC-led racial justice groups and organizers in the city that we support on various issues. 

Accountability council

The Accountability Council is made up of 8 organizers who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour-identified. Not every member of the Accountability Council represents a racial justice organization/group, but all are actively engaged in anti-racist community-building work and are accountable to their own communities through their work. We recognize that no individual or group can represent an entire community, and prioritize relationship-building in our accountability process. 

Our accountability council meets several times a year in order to provide feedback and direction to SURJ Toronto's organizing structure and plans. We see accountability as a process, a verb, and must be earned.