Where we move money

The primary goal of our fundraising is to move money to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities and community members, which we do in two ways:

  • We move money to organizations that are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)-led

  • We move emergency funds to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour community members

Organizations that SURJ supports financially are:

  • Made up of majority BIPOC members

  • Led by BIPOC community members

  • Doing on-the-ground, in-community work in Toronto

  • Doing a blend of organizing and service provision

  • Underfunded or hard to fund (we prioritize organizations without government funding)

  • Queer and trans-femme friendly

  • Aligned with SURJ values

SURJ moves money to BIPOC-led organizations that SURJ members have existing relationships with, or relationships that are being built.

Emergency funds are for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour community members that are facing some sort of emergency. Right now this has been based on relationships that SURJ Toronto has with racial justice leaders and groups.

We are constantly working with our Accountability Council to continuously evolve and grow our processes of accountability in moving money from white communities to communities of colour.

We are a non-governmental group, we are not a funding body, and not a registered charity.


breakdown of money moved

Where We Move Money - 75% to BIPOC organizers, organizations, and community, 25% to internal costs - Right now the ratio is much higher in terms of what we move

Some of the projects we have supported (2017-2018)

surj toronto internal costs

Beyond directly raising funds for BIPOC-led organizations and the community emergency fund, SURJ Toronto also raises money to support our own organizing to build a movement of white people working for racial justice. Because we are committed to supporting existing and emerging BIPOC-led racial and social justice organizations, we use an at-least-three-to-one ratio when raising funds for our internal organizing costs. This means that for every one dollar SURJ spends on its own internal work/organizing, we move at least three dollars to BIPOC-led organizations and BIPOC community members. In practice this ratio is much higher; for example in 2017 we spent almost ten times the internal SURJ budget supporting BIPOC-led organizations.

Moreover, the majority of SURJ’s internal organizing costs go towards meetings with our Accountability Council. Other SURJ organizing costs include any room bookings, food, and materials for meetings and actions. Whenever possible, we choose to support BIPOC businesses or organizations when purchasing these types of services/supplies/etc.

sounds good, right?