As the INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence have said, "The Revolution Will Not be Funded!"

Moving money is one way to shift power and the unequal distribution of resources from white communities to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities and community members.

Wealth and resources have disproportionately accumulated in white families and communities as a result of the profits and privilege gained through legacies of slavery, colonization, imperialism, dispossession of Indigenous land, discriminatory hiring practices, university quotas, racist immigration policies, residential schools, segregationist housing policies, and other forms of racism and white supremacy. White people do not have to have put on white hoods or Nazi armbands in order to have benefitted from state policies and institutional practices that continue to privilege white people to this day.

Moving money to BIPOC-led organization isn’t only ethically and emotionally useful; it’s also good strategy! We acknowledge that Black communities, Indigenous communities, and People of Colour communities have always engaged in anti-racist and anti-colonial movements out of necessity, and therefore we believe that they are well-positioned to lead today’s multi-racial majority for racial and social justice. Moving money to these organizers empowers their leadership and helps SURJ Toronto to build, sustain and grow relationships with BIPOC-led organizations.

how we move money

When we raise money we will be clear about where it is going. Fundraising campaigns generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • We often move money to a specific Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)-led organization from our members and networks. In this case we will name the organization (and why we think it’s great) in our pitch, and all of the money raised goes directly to the organization.

  • We occasionally raise funds for our BIPOC community emergency fund, described below. All of the money moved goes directly into the emergency fund.

  • We sometimes also raise money to support our own organizing to build a broad movement of white people working for racial justice. While these campaigns are pitched as “for SURJ Toronto”, they are subject to our at-least-three-to-one ratio for internal fundraising, which means that for every dollar that we raise or allocate for internal costs, we move three dollars to BIPOC organizers/community. This means that we keep less than one quarter of the funds raised during these campaigns for internal costs, with the remainder used to support BIPOC-led organizing. When we are fundraising for a specific BIPOC-led community initiative, action, or organization, 100% of these funds will be moved there.

how to request funds

Often, we find organizations to move money to through the existing relationships of SURJ Toronto and our members with BIPOC-led organizations. If you do not know a member of SURJ or work with us at this time, but would like to apply for funding for your racial justice organizing, please send us an email at surjto.fundraising [@] gmail [.] com with some information about your organization and the amount of money you’re asking for.

To request emergency funding, send an email to surjto.fundraising [@] gmail [.] com.




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